Review: Smooth & Go Silicone Sponge – Be Creative Makeup

Does this work and will it replace my beloved Beauty Blender?

I was very curious about this. My everyday foundation is pretty expensive so this could save me a lot of money. I decided to try it on my arm, this was the easiest to film. I’ve used the same amount of product for both tools to see how much it would cover. The foundation is way too dark for my skin tone, I did this on purpose so you can see how much of my arm it covers.



As you can see, the difference is unbelievable. You can save a lot of product by using the silicone sponge. But when testing it on my face, the foundation applied way too cakey and didn’t blend with my skin. It felt more like a layer on top of my skin. One of the reasons this happened is because I have dry skin. To be honest, even with a beautyblender it is very difficult for me to get a natural coverage. It could work with other skin types.

Positive points:
  • You save A LOT of foundation, you can cover approximately 3x to 5x more of your face than with a “beauty blender” (I did the test with a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge)
  • The result isn’t that streaky if you blend it well.
  • It is way more hygienic, because you can clean it fast and good.
Negative points:
  • Lays the products ON the face and doesn’t blend it, gives a more cakey effect.
  • Doesn’t work with my dry skin, but on my arm the effect isn’t as cakey as on my face.
Will I use this again?

I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with the brand but this didn’t work for me at all. I will give it another try when I’m primed & moisturised properly. But I think this will be a no for me. I’ll stick to a normal sponge…


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  1. ootdinstyle says:

    Hi babe,

    So appreciate your honest review of this product.

    I honestly end up using my fingers for foundation applucatios as I have not found the perfect brush for it just yet.

    Happy almost-weekend!



    1. chloevr says:

      Thank you Marieta!
      Have an awesome day xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Chloé, thank you for testing this silicon sponge so I’m good informed about it now. My skin is also little bit dry, so probably I can’t use it. But I think the idea is very good and the way how to use sounds interesting. Have a good day dear! Martina


  3. Wow my dear what a great review!!! Thank you for sharing that!
    Happy almost weekend honey


  4. Inna says:

    Great review dear Chloe! Now we are warned! 😉 Well, I don’t use a lot of foundation by myself, but always curious about new products and technics. And with video your posts making more fun, I really enjoy watching it! Have a lovely evening, kisses


  5. Thanks for this review babe!! Beautiful pictures! Have an amazing weekend Xx Susanne –


  6. Kathi says:

    Great to get such a honest review! I have a dry skin as well and I think this product wouldn’t work for me either, but for other skin types a good alternative.
    Love Kathi


  7. Filipa says:

    Hi Chloe! I always appreciate honest reviews and I was looking forward for some truthful advice on silicone sponges, since their seem to be everywhere lately. I’m glad you explained that about skin types because I have oily skin and maybe that’s exactly the type of beauty product I need. Thank you for your honesty dear! Have a great day!


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