Blügle TV Launch Party

Launch Party

Yesterday I was invited to the Blügle TV launch party. Blügle is a new app for bloggers and influencers. With this app they can make money by sharing content on their social media pages. The app isn’t ready yet, but will be soon! They are all about influencers, this is the reason why they invited all the influencers to the launch. The party was hosted in Brussels, in the building of Havas.


The food was provided by Deliveroo. There were a lot of things to try. We were lucky to try the rice paper rolls from Knees To Chin (lovely website by the way) and other delicious things like Coco Donuts.

Deluxe Distillery 

Deluxe Distillery offered drinks, along with the whole fancy feeling you get when you order a very nice cocktail. Serving everything in gold style to make it look extra exclusive. They offered two drinks, one with Mary White Vodka and one with Blind Tiger Gin. I choose the Mary White Vodka. It was served with a beautiful purple flower in it along with some kind of purple juice to make the drink look purple.


Last but not least we tried Teh, the contemporary art of tea. This is a revolutionary machine for making tea the right way. It will be launched on the market this year. At the moment, there are 4 ranges to choose from. There is the discovery range, the green tea range, the black tea range and the infusion range. All of them have their own personality and offer different kind of teas. As a green tea lover, I can tell you this tea tasted good. So if you get the opportunity to try it, just do it!

Blügle Tv

This was a nice experience, would love to do this again. Thanks for having me Blügle TV! I’m excited to try the app, are you?








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