Sample Sunday – Estée Lauder Double Wear

In Sample Sunday I will review samples that I received. Am I the only one that loves samples? I don’t think so, receiving samples make people even more happier than having the product they bought with it.

This time I will review samples from the famous Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. I already had the product so I can review it properly. I can’t give a good review about a foundation that wouldn’t match my skin tone and be unwearable.



First of all, the color codes. Mine is called 2N1 Desert Beige. I prefer wearing more yellowish foundations because foundations with pink undertones make me look orange. The samples I have are in 3W2 Cashew, 4C1 Outdoor Beige and 3C2 Pebble.

Here’s a quick explanation:

W stands for Warm or Golden like Estée Lauder says it. Then you have N that stands for Neutral which is Rosy & Golden. Last but not least you have C that stands for Cold, that is the Rosy color. These are just the undertones. You can visit a lot of websites to find your undertone.

After that you have the numbers in front of the letter, they stand for how light or dark the foundation is. 1 is very light, 2 is light, 3 is light medium, 4 is medium, 5 is medium deep, 6 is deep and 7 is very deep.

You can see a second number after the letter, this number stands for the darkness of the shade in the specific shade. They go from 0 to 3.

These are a lot of shades, there are almost 40 shades. It’s nice to see that their shade range is wide and almost everyone can find a shade that matches them.

BUT, there are other criteria you have to look a before you buy a foundation, for example the coverage. This foundation is medium to full coverage and should stay on all day long. Personally, this is a foundation I use when I go out because the coverage is to full for me. I couldn’t stand wearing this in full daylight and looking like a cake (lol). Don’t get me wrong, the coverage is great, but it just isn’t natural for everyday wear. But it is lightweight like they tell on their website, the foundation feels good on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy like some do.

The last thing you have to look at is if it is for your skin type. I have a dry T-zone but it gets oily throughout the day. If you use a good primer and hydrate well, this foundation wouldn’t be a problem. It is a matte foundation so it is for oily skin, but don’t be scared to try it with good skin products underneath.

My overall review:

Coverage: ★★★★☆
Price: ★★★★☆
Feel/Cakeyness: ★★★☆☆
Longwearing: ★★★★☆
Packaging: ★★★☆☆
(pretty but difficult to dose)




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